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Olivan MacWatt is an ex-policeman, with a strong West-Country accent who, after being kicked out of the force by the Gestapo took the


knowledge he had acquired during his time there and turned to a life of crime. Known for haunting pubs at all hours of the day, Olivan frequently winds up in St. Belarus Hospital thanks to his penchant for picking fights with the drunk and cheating at cards. His main method of evading arrest is by relying on multiple contacts for alibis, one of whom is Tarben Rosendal.

Further Information...[]

Olivan is widely considered, in the Black Market circle to be a liability due to his big mouth and penchant for telling anyone anything he knows for a few pints and a pack of cigarettes. As such, MacWatt finds himself widely kept in the dark about his friends' business deals, and even moreso when it comes to new tricks of the trade being developed. As it turns out, declaring yourself to be an ex-copper is not the best way to open a trusting relationship with such people.