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Known simply amongst the people of London as The Farm, Broadwater began life as a small military base on the edge of London city in 1944. At that time it housed a barracks, training facilities and a laboratory, along with a medical ward staffed by a team of German doctors who would later go on to work at St. Belarus. For the first two years of operation it remained a quietly inconspicuous vestige bordered by a barbed wire fence, though while it remained unchanging, it seemed that London itself morphed and shifted to accommodate this new German parasite.

By 1946 Broadwater had extended its grounds to encompass a larger laboratory, several cattle sheds, more barracks. Watchtowers and sentries were posted around the periphery, and increasing numbers of soldiers marched through the gates by the day. London seemed not to notice the disappearance of those people many would not give a second thought to; the homeless, gypsies, orphans and of course, Jews. The public was blissfully unaware of the fact that the military testing facility had begun to conduct experiments on human beings. Though naturally, in the eyes of the scientists who ran this hellish place, they weren't really testing on people at all. They had finally found a use for the Untermensch.

  • The vast majority of people do not know what's going on at Broadwater; only a handful of scientists directly involved in the experimentation and the higher ranking Nazi officials know fully what happens there. A bare handful of Rebels are piecing together information thanks to a reliable source from two private investigators. Outside of Nazi circles, possession of this information is punishable by death.
  • They are trying to manufacture Aryans through a series of hellish (and failing) experiments. Twins and multiple birthed children are being used for such experiments. Other Untermensch are put to various other uses.